​​Men are really not affraid of commitment but losing their masculinty.Men spend their ohole lifes showinng that they are strong and silent. They fight for independence the way women fight for commitment. SInce men have trouble talking about their feelings,Most of us are looking for a perfect woman, A ready-made relationship.

     THe key is to understand how your man perceives his masculinity.  A woman who understands this can gestures- (that cost her nothinng) but that makes the man feel masculine and  secure with her. A woman that understands her mans over sensitive points ends up doing a great deal less than the woman that turns herself out for a man but doesn’t know what he is responding to.

 THere are 4 basic ways a man can judge whether his masculinity will be kept in a relationshipor not…

          1)   HOW MUCH DECISIONS DOES HE MAKE?    He wants to be invovle in decision making, especially if it concerns the but of you. He likes to feel he is in charge. he wants to call the shots. 

 2) . HOW SPECIAL IS HE TO YOU?     Men are their worst enemies, they give conflicting signals. We brag about our job  and our finances to sell ourselves. But we worry that women love us for our externals. EVery man likes believe secretly  if his woman didn’t choose him , she would be alone .

 3). HOW LOYAL IS SHE.?   Men loyaty needs are simpleto meet. Don’t go too far in offering too much loyalty. Don’t go too fast either or you will become angry at the man or yourself

  4)  WE WANT INTIMACY.   A man wannts to be masculine but also wants but also wants you to love and treat him as a fragile  sensitive soul. He acts big and strong   but wants a gentle treatment.insist that he talks to you  about his feelings for you. MMany men have to learn intimacy from scratch, but we secretly know that it is worth it..
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