BOSS LADY (Episode II)

Let me start by saying this, when you are too worried about some elses approval, it most likely that that person will lose respect for you…When a woman rushes in too qiuckly, a man will assume she is in love with a fantasy or with the idea of being in a relationship. But, if he  has to slowly win you over,, incrementally he will think she you are falling iin love with who he is..

Understand that love is responsibilty, love is  not a feeling, love is commitment, and commitment is something a man has to fall into.

It has to be his idea. He has to feel responsible for it.

When you start going out with a guy, showing you have brain  and a mind of your own is often the way to win his trust and respect. But  becareful not to undermine him. Know this, before he will go on a roped bridge to cross from one mountain to the another,he will shake it to know or see how secure it is.

Before he becomes your knight in shinning armour, he wants to know is she even worth defending? Men like to know how loyal theirs partners are….is he safe?

      Next episode we will discuss on some of the things men do to  test the waters…..Imaginations are distinct possibilities


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