A good relationship depends on the ability of each partner to be counted on. WIll you really be there when you are needed the most? Your value is weighed on your ability to solve problems…​Like we said in Masculine commitment I,  commitment is a two way street and more like love, it’s gained.. A man has to fall in it. It has to be his idea. 

      For the women, Men are compititive in nature.A man wants a woman he can be  pround of. So apart from being sexy, what else do you have to offer? Can he introduce you to his boss and colleagues? Are you a bundle of catatrosphe waiting to happen? How are your people skills?…. You must understand that when you stop updating yourself you begin to loose value. Never depend on the man solely for your personal needs… My Boss use to say  ”If the man is the bread winner then the least you can do is win Akara”.


        For the Men, Women are simple, they just want security. They want to feel protected and in safty.  It might be emotional security, Finacial security or what ever security. A woman needs a man who can take care of business, The problem is knowing exactly what business she wants taken care of…They just want you to understand them and relate with them accordingly. Women always project what they want to hear, how they want to be treated,what they need…. and if you are observant enough, you will read the handwriting on the wall.

​ The truth is a lady won’t go out with you unless she has seen something she likes about you. Maybe your looks,money,charisma, your sexy body,the way you talk,how you treat others or whatever…but there is always something of interest… She doesn’t  go out for going sake.

       ​The of evry relationship depends on the value of the individual partners. Never stop developing yourself, seek opportunities to grow from one level to the another. Eagles don’t flock with Fowls…if it does, its only to prey. Build capacity for the kind of relationship you want to experience.. Funbunwhe Dfk



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