Emotional Stability

       “Emotional stability” refers to a person’s ability to remain calm or even keel when faced with pressure or stress. Someone who is emotionally unstable is more volatile, which means the person faces an increased risk of reacting with violent or harmful behaviors when provoked.

To reduce your stress level in a relationship, get to know someone through all the seasons before committing to a long term relationship like marriage (if this is really the right person, waiting for 12 months before saying i do will be well worth it).

Don’t stay with someone who doesn’t care. if you notice you are not you usual jolly self or he doesn’t make you feel special anymore,address the situation. But the truth is if they don’t care enough, they won’t make you feel special and that’s not right because somewhere out there is someone who will make you feel special. Don’t throw yourself on anybody, it will damage your confidence and self-esteem.

Another thing that can make you emotionally unstable is trust issues. Trust is very essential between partners. They are lots of reasons why you can’t trust someone. Maybe they didn’t tell the truth about some small things and wonder what else they weren’t entirely honest about. Then again, maybe it’s you. Maybe you have been lied to in the past and you find it hard to trust people.

Its tough especially when your suspicions have be justified in the past. Truth is you won’t be emotionally stable unless you can deal with the trust issues. So you need to be honest with yourself about where the problem is coming from and find someway to sort it out.

With Love,

img_20160728_084950.jpg Funbunwhe DFK



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