Emotional Stability II

So continuing from last week’s  Emotional Stability, let us discuss further on issues that can cause you to be emotionally unstable. Here are some thoughts:

We sometimes have things in our lives we are not proud of. In fact if our life was a book, we had skip that chapter. Obviously you can sweep the littles things under the carpet, but it’s not the little things that are bothering you,is it?

So here you are, Contemplating If,when and how to tell your partner. If you wait too long to tell them, they will rightly be upset and hurt that you kept it from them…. so the right time “is the point when finding out in the future would be worse than finding out now”

And between now and when you decide to tell them, the crucial thing is not to lie to them. If you don’t want to tell them about the abortion, at least don’t claim you are a virgin. If you mislead them now they won’t be able to trust you when they find out that you lied to them.

Also avoid tarring new partners with old brushes. Each partner comes with a clean sheet. And they is nothing to say they resemble your last partner. In fact if you really thought they did, what are you doing with them in the first place?

Another thing to consider is, don’t play games. If you want to speak to him just call.If you know you will get hurt when your partner forgets your birthday, just give them a fair warning a few days ahead. Truth is some people are plain forgetful. A good example is me. That’s why i always seek the help of a reminder. So you have to give us a fighting chance. Game-playing however innocent you may convince yourself they are- are a form of manipulation. And we try not to manipulate people we love. We just let them know how we feel and what’s important to us.

Lastly, you can’t make somebody to love you. This is very important. i have seen it happen time and again, and the result is always constant. I know this is one of the hardest things to accept when it comes to matters of the heart. You met a guy you actually like but does the person feel the same way about you? Never try to work for love. It is suppose to happen naturally, not induced. Maybe you met recently and you are head over heels but they don’t seem very keen. They don’t seem to have realized it yet. I’m tired of hearing “All boys are the same”. For God sake you know when a person loves you or likes you.. You need to be honest with yourself.

With Love,

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