For the first weeks of getting to know you, were effortlessly wonderful. But you see like every good thing, Relationship needs work or at least make sure it doesn’t suffer from neglect. If you fall in love with someone who makes you happy—great, but that’s not all. You need to make sure it does not come off the rails.

Firstly, you must make sure that both parties are in love, the feeling must be mutual. Loving or trying to get people to love you is a colossal waste of time and energy.  You have to understand that keeping all the rules with the wrong person won’t make you happy although it will keep the relationship together.  So be with someone that wants you to be happy and is prepared at least to meet you half-way in making that happen.

Try to be as nice as possible…Yea its been a long day and tiring day and i know it will take extra effort to be nice. You have to find it in you to be polite to your partners and even friends.

What happened to the old fashion civility? Pay them compliments, get them gifts for no reason at all except for the most important one of all– because you love them. Pour them a drink, ask them how their day went and listen to them talk. Be interested. Be nice not because you want them to reciprocate (although that will be very nice) but because  you love them and they deserve it.

With love,

Funbunwhe DFK


4 thoughts on “KEEPING IT ON THE RAIL.

  1. This is a lovely write up…keep it up
    Would like to see more
    I know also that this is a sustainable development
    Thanks for sharing with me
    God bless
    Love ya man

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