Not everybody will always tell you “i love you” or give you flowers or chocolate. Some might cook a special dinner for you while still others might opt to do that chores for you, Not because they have to but because they want to.

You see,we sometimes have a narrow idea of what constitute a romatic gesture. THe  above mentioned examples are the obvious ones, but truth is that they is an infinite number of ways to show someone you love them. Every single thing they did that they didn’t have to do, but beacause of you, is their own way of saying “i love you”.

             I know we have the general love langauge of gifts,touch affirmation etc, but don’t focus on that alone. Those other little things they do like wash your car,tidy the dishes,held your bag when you were feeling tired should also matter. If they were not romatic, what was the point of doing them? And if you learn to recongnize this signs, not only will your partner feel appreciated but you will feel secure knowing that every single glassof juice is a way of saying “I love you”.

          As you well know,Everyone has a way of showing their love. It is actually important and generous to by flowers and chocolate but it takes more effort to wake up first and tidy the house and do what ever it is that they really don’t want to do. So please dont get obsesse over cliche romance. Always remember people are different, with different priorities,perspective, personalities and ideas.To have a succcesful relationship, you need to embrace the benefits of you being different. Partnership is a team of 2 and the best team contains people with different strenghts.

With Love,

Funbunwhe DFK.



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