Everyone knows that women love to be given flowers and chocolate….lovely as this may be, its the gesture that is actually important. Its not really about the “gift”. Its the fact that your partner cares enough to bring you a gift. For what its worth,men are not left out of this. They  like the idea that they are in the minds of the ones they love and care about and they appreciate any gesture that shows they are being thought about.

You know giving gifts should not always be only on birthdays or special occasions. In fact you should give gifts especially when its not an occasion.That is what makes it special and valuable. So not giving gifts during occasions should not be heard of. You don’t  always have to spend money either. You can look for something small to get but the important thing is to show them you are thinking of them and you love them enough to get them gifts for no reason at all. You also need a sense of variation. If it becomes nothing but a habit, it loses its value.

Be generous to each other financially. You are in this together, and its in your interest to help the other one out if they are struggling. If you have more than your partner, for love’s sake you can take it upon yourself to pay for more of the bills,more of the treats, in fact more of everything..period.

I’m not saying you should not have savings or a pension plan…I’m talking about money to spare. If you have more of it than they do,then pay for the cinemas or treat them to something they want but can’t afford for themselves… MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A BEAUTIFUL NEW YEAR.

With love,


Funbunwhe DFK



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