You probably think you know your partner pretty well. You spend most of your time with them,you share important things in life together and you know them better than anyone but don’t make the mistake of thinking you know them perfectly well.

Here is the real deal,think about the thoughts,ideas and feelings you have that you don’t tell your partner. Maybe they are not just important enough,maybe they are distant memories or you don’t understand them yourself and yes maybe they are few secrets you don’t want them to know.

So yes there’s actually a lot you don’t know about your partners and same goes the other way round. Y0u can’t assume anything about them despite spending time with them. That means when your partner gets upset,stressed or frustrated, you can’t judge them by your own standards.

If the two of you are arguing, you need to see things from their perspective. Given everything you know about them, you should be able to work out how they arrived at this view point or emotion, even though the same circumstance have brought you to a different point.

You expect that they will react in a particular way and we get frustrated when they don’t. Lets say you expected them to see that you obviously need their car,so what’s the problem? Understand that your partner is not picking emotions at random, they  don’t want to feel upset with you. There is a reason for the unexpected behaviour and you need to think through their circumstances which must have led them to this point. Once you see things their way every thing becomes clearer and the feeling of frustration will be replaced by understanding and sympathy which is  a far better way to resolve any kind of problem.

With Love,


Funbunwhe DFK



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