LETTING GO…step into a better LIFE.

If you find yourself in a relationship where you feel the better part of your time has only been a waste because your partner either is not on the same page as you or both of you don’t seem in agreement with where and how the relationship is going, don’t fret,the best thing to do is to save yourself from a bitter,twisted emotional state, allow yourself put right the damage in a positive frame of mind, by forgiving and letting go. It’s only sensible to ensure that they don’t ruin any more years of your precious-less-than-two-hundred-years-old life

Sometimes, they may have been doing their best; I mean nobody is perfect. In two years how can anyone not stretch forth a wrong foot, right?  Maybe they couldn’t help it, but its  time to do the right thing by you because guess what?  You can help it. Stop the blame game,chose to forgive and let go.
Another aspect of letting go is that you don’t let people’s approval control you. As humans we are programmed to care about what other people think of us,this stops us from making the right decisions for ourselves and sometimes not taking a step in the right direction.There is always that paining question of “what will people say?”just nudging at the back of our heads.
Sometimes despite your achievements you find yourself feeling like a pathetic failure when you are criticize by certain people. Well its a long and slow process of weaning yourself off needing their approval but we have to start from somewhere. For starters, you can spend little or no time with them. And keep telling yourself you are doing fine and their opinion doesn’t matter to you, at least their opinion should never define you. It might seem pointless but don’t underestimate the power of positive thought. It sinks into your subconscious with time.

Let me just say this real quick, you have no idea how liberating it can be for your love one to hear you say ”That’s great, I think you are doing wonderful” irrespective of how old …..

With love,

Funbunwhe Dfk.


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