Psychologist have spent years studying traits that are fundamental to successful long term relationship and we will be looking at a few ideas. This check allows you to evolve and reflect in how much you have grown. 

Keeping it on the rail IV

1). Dependency: I will suggest if you want to be happy in a relationship, it’s best not to look to your partner for all your essential needs (Emotionally and materially). Learn to be happy by yourself. I recommend finding yourself in hubbies, friends and work. 

2).HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR: Humor can be a social lubricant in a romantic relationship. Having a private language, nicknames or jokes that no one else gets can help facilitate bounding. 

3). SPLIT CHORES. In a poll, as many as 62% of adults said sharing chores is very important in a successful relationship. Let both the man and woman know what is expected from them. To the woman, helping her in the house tells her you support her. 

Be spontaneous… Practice what you preach

4). CONFLICT RESOLUTION: know how to recover from a fight.  We all approach life base on personal perception. It’s not about not having conflict at all but rather your approach to conflict. One thing good love relationships have in common is that they communicate to their partners a Mode that says “when you are upset, I listen”. The world stops and I listen.  And we repair things…  We don’t let things go.  We don’t leave one another in pain.  We talk about it and we repair it. 

Keeping it on the Rail IV
5). RESPOND POSITIVELY : No matter how tired you are never fail to be enthused by your partners success or good news. Try using an active-constructive response such as “I know you could do it baby, you have been working hard”. Show some enthusiastic support

With love

Imaginations are distinct possibilities. Funbunwhe Dfk

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