So I’m in a relationship without knowing I’m in a relationship??? What a Waawu!👏👏👏

 She had become friends with a fine guy, and  thought him her boyfriend. She would close from work and branch to the market, buy food stuffs and go to his house to cook. After eating In the night, Onku will press small bress and they will knack. Then the next morning, she will go to work from there. This continued for three good years, and Onku didn’t propose. He was just chopping free food, and knacking free knack. So one day, she took a step of faith to ask him when he was coming to see her parents. Guess what???.


Onku said; “Parents ke? Boluwatife, you’re just like a younger sister to me o. I never saw you in that light. Actually. I’m engaged.”


She broke down in tears, but later she had to come to terms with the sting of reality. Onku didn’t “Toast” her. They only met at the bank, and from there, their “frensheep” blossomed!😂😂😂


It was kinda funny sha, but I was pained as well. Younger sister ke? He didn’t even say “Just a friend”. Who dafuq knacks his younger sister?😡




You see ehn, there’s nothing as dangerous and annoying as an UNDEFINED relationship. Its crazy! You even get to feel foolish in the end. Never ever you assume you’re dating a person. Find the hell out!


Some ladies sef, ordinary “Hello Baby” inside inbox Na wahala o. If the “dropper” is a crush, then eet ees finished! They will collect phone number, collect account number, state code, and house address. Before I finish quoting John 11:35, they have traveled to see crush. For their mind, the dream man has arrived. 


And when crush now finish crushing them like Dangote’s Trailer, they will now epp us to coman be corrupting the image of feminism. Mtcheew!

I’m not saying you can’t catch sparks online o. Noo! I’ve seen people who met their life partners via this platform. But ehn, use head na. At least be sure the feeling is mutual before anything. Not when you finish typing long letter of love profession, and Uncle will now reply : “Kk”.  Mbaanu! Ees nor laidat.

Bottom line:  If you’re currently assuming you’re in a relationship, it is time to ask “How Far?”. Find out what exactly is going on between both of you, especially if its running into years.

Define Relationship

     Stop Assuming! Ask! Some gehs think asking “How far” will make them look desperate and cheap.

Bia… Aunty, as far as I’m concerned you are already cheap. You cannot be frying stew  and shining congo for years, with nothing tangible to show for it. Stop doing as if world people used your sense to exchange recharge card.

 By the way, “How Far” Na question , no be proposal.😒

Ask him; ” Uncle, are you THE ONE, or should we look for another”?

Stop letting people monopolize your air space for nothing. Stop letting them be a canopy over your life. Don’t let them “browse your website” when they don’t have intentions of “downloading”.

Learn to define your relationship…. The Earlier the better. 

Cc: Penocrat Ayo

Edited: Dfk

With Love 

Funbunwhe Dfk


  1. This is hilariously true. It cuts across both gender. It is foolish to assume you are in a relationship without finding out the real truth. Be wise…

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