Your Man is first his mama’s boy.

  A mother might tell her daughter she doesn’t want her to marry a particular guy,her daughter will protest and try to convince her mother how much she loves that guy.

    Very few Nigeria girls actually do listen to their mothers when told not to marry a certain guy.But listen No matter how much a man might like you,if the mother says No!  my sister you better have a rethink on the relationship.

  Somtimes, it takes little for men to like you,other times it takes a lot..if you are a slay queen in real life you can affect your man with that,but that won’t pass with your mother inlaw. She is looking for something entirely different from what your boyfreind is looking for. The father will like you but that’s quarter of the family consent…not even half..because if the mother likes you,not even your boyfreind can break you up…(not proven yet). 

  Never,I repeat Never allow her clear the table after serving you food… for  the sake of your Relationship, Clear the table. Also try to get engaged in the preparation of the meal . Don’t Just Stand,help out..remember it’s her kitchen don’t try to take over !! And while you are in the kitchen don’t be mute, engage her in a Conversation. Get to know her and let her get to know you, the real you.

  We will continue with the series.  

With love

Funbunwhe Dfk

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