THE EPISTLES (to my son)

  Hello son,

 how are you today? 

Let us talk about your mother. Your mother is a bundle of joy, an epitome of beauty. One look at her and you know she is not like any other woman. She was made to give pleasure to the eyes and ease to the mind. Even at her worst, she still has it in her to be cautious. 

 In all my years, I have not met any so graceful, so charming, so her… She is in a class of her own. She brings out the best in me. Most importantly I look at her and I know there is a God and He loves me; if not, why on earth will He chose to give me her? So I work on myself day and night to be the man deserving of her. I want to represent her to the best of my ability.

 People look at us and say,

“She is lucky to have him.”

 I quickly reply, “I’m lucky to have her.”

Family first

She is the bone behind my flesh, the strength in my weakness, the quiver of my arrows, the ribs in my rib cage, the pride of my manhood and the expression of my emotions… 

To be continued…..

With love,

Funbunwhe Dfk

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