20’s is for you. 

20’s is for growth. 

20’s is for the pursuit of a tomorrow that is better than today. 

 20’s is for options, for knowledge.


     Its not a time for continous compromise. 20’s is not a time to say this is the guy i have got to make it with because this is the guy that i have and no matter what compromises, no matter what i don’t like, no matter what he does i have to put up with it because he is my man. 20’s is for firing dudes when they don’t act right. 

20’s is for finding out what different kind of men are out there and which best suits you. Which ones you want to keep and which ones you should discard. It’s not a time for picking out other peoples clothes, cooking meals or doing house wife duties. Its not a time for sticking it out when you are not enjoying it anymore or emotionally drained. 20’s is an opportunity to move on, move forward and upward. Get a large life so even when a dude does not end up in it you will still enjoy it. 20’s is for focusing all of your potential and not for compromising your way to a corner of a closet crying and wondering what the hell happened. 

    You are beautiful,  working or schooling, at your time off don’t be looking to spend time with people who don’t care about your future and have no idea where you are headed.  Look forward to fellowshipping with books and brains so you can upgrade yourself and step forward into another existence that you truly deserve. 

   Avoid settling for less,  if you feel you deserve better, then you deserve better.

With love 

Funbunwhe Dfk

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