Love is a mutual heart to heart connection between a mature man and woman. Notice the word MATURE.  It’s commitment to the well being of another person. Like my father, Pst. Akomaye Ugar would say “ Love is a conscious decision to undertake another persons responsibilities“. Love is very expensive, I suggest that you don’t expect it from cheap people.

Sometimes what we refer to as love is a response to an emotional experience.  For example,  you meet someone and you feel something exciting arousing your organs of expression and you immediately describe your experience as love. Nothing is more farther from the truth.  And yes you can have a connection at first sight but until you go through all the seasons of life with this person, it won’t be safe to say you are in love.

They are certain people we have no business dating because they are only in our lives for a short while to carry out an assignment. Until you can discern the reason for the relationship, you will end up building tabernacles for contractors who are just meant to rent spaces in your life. 

Let me add this here,  we have smart guys,  really smart guys.  Guys who won’t ask you out but you will just find yourself dating them. While it might end well sometimes, other times such relationships end with one person still asking “were we ever dating?”.

Listen, men are territorial. A man loves the idea of possessing a woman.  He will let you know that you are his and he is yours if he is serious but if he doesn’t, you should not be ashamed to ask questions for the sake of clarity.

What is the purpose of this relationship?

To what end is it?

When a man loves,  he is not afraid of commitment and he won’t want to share you.

With love,

Funbunwhe Dfk

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