I have heard ladies ask me ”why do guys meet you and all they think about is sex? “.

If guys are always hitting on you may be it’s  time you ask yourself basic question. 

What am i doing to encourage them

There are many reasons we hit on you for sex, lets look at a few. 


      It is self deception to say your clothes don’t matter.  You might be the type that is fashion conscious but you need to understand that this designers design clothes to project sex in almost every design they produce. 

If you most be a force to be reckon with, your integrity, personal dignity and honour must be in place. “Dress to be address”,  You have heard so many times. You must dress to project professionalism and not sexuality.  


       Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. Men weigh you base on what proceeds out of your mouth, so if you are constantly talking about sex we will think you are probably promiscuous and sex is the only thong on your mind. 

You should also understand that thoughts are like satellite📡 that recieves and sends signals. Unchecked thoughts attract trouble. Example, Have you been to a room and you just knew someone wanted you sexually? 

When you spend time reading graphic novels that project sex, you will unconsciously begin to project ot into your life one way or the other. When you change your thought pattern you change your life. 


       When you are beautiful, men will see you as sexy.  Its not your fault here.  Truth is men see what they want to see. A man may see anything and connects it to sex. But it’s your job to let him see differently when he comes close. 

  • Develop yourself. Build your mind. Add value to your beauty.  When you develop yourself you separate yourself from the stereotype. Fellowship with books and conversations that seek tp build your spirit and soul (mind) rather that mainly focusing on the physical (body). 

With love, 

Funbunwhe Dfk.

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