Just Because He Won’t Let You Go Doesn’t Mean He Wants You

There is nothing as frustrating as receiving mixed signals from person we have deep feelings for.

You know,when you don’t know where you stand with someone you really care about.

It normally comes along with heartache,disappointments,overthinking,insecurities,doubts and terrible confusion and it is a quite 

torturing experience and somehow I am pretty sure most of you understand (from your personal experience) what I am talking about.

When you have finally decided to let it go and move on.
Clearly,there is no future . You are way too grown for children’s play. You deserve better. Yes!

And then when you finally cool your head down and get him out of your mind for a minute,there he comes.

“I miss you” kinda messages. He starts to call.
Did he say “My baby”.. ?So I am his… He is soooo…. Are we really….?? 
Your body starts to shake ,your heart beats faster.

You can’t really think well.
Emotional roller-coaster indeed.
Seems like he has finally realized how precious you are!
God has answered your prayers! 
Oh mine,could it be that he actually cares….. ?


Let’s be very honest with each other.
Emotions makes us vulnerable and quite irrational and that is why we often find impossible ways to justify unjustifiable and see what we crave to see. I talk from my experience and I am sure you can feel me.

What I have learnt over years is that human beings have terrible EGO issues.
We are moved by Ego.
Especially men.

If someone has taken you for granted ,best believe that made them feel in charge,like they have a control over you or “she ain’t going no where” kinda attitude towards you.
What a food for Ego!Just knowing that someone is one call away no matter how you treat them can make a person feel big and mighty. It is like a source that strengthens his self confidence and gives him a big head.

So it’s pretty much like an attack on his Ego when you stop responding to him the way he is used to.
When he starts to text and call, it’s probably because he has a terrible need to prove himself a point which is: “She ain’t going no where” , “I am the shit” , “Not a chance”and “I still have powers over her”.
It becomes a sort of a challenge for him.

And that is the real reason why he doesn’t wanna let you go even thought he does’t really intend to take you seriously.

As you can see,this is basically between him and himself and it has absolutely nothing to do with love,romance or what so ever.

I decided to share this post with you my darling simply because I wish someone told me this couple of years ago and I truly hope you understand the situation you have found yourself in is less confusing and I sincerely pray that you will find the strength to put yourself first,on top of this whole matter.

No one should ever be allowed to take your precious emotions and feelings for weakness.
Don’t forget that you deserve way more the a “part time love affair”.
There is no need to settle for “incomplete package” when you can have it all…

You are invited to share your experiences above,in comment section,it might change someone’s life.


Sonia Ogbonna

One thought on “Just Because He Won’t Let You Go Doesn’t Mean He Wants You

  1. I can relate with this very well, I think no one has the right to make you feel inferior or less loved. If he/she doesn’t want you, take a bow and you’ll see that there is someone better off ahead.
    I can bet that you’ll see someone so better than what you thought was the ultimate.

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