I always tell people,  one of the greatest problems in life is the inability of a man to sit quietly in a room alone. People will always try to make you seen like being alone is an unhealthy virus that you should stay away from,  but let me explain something to you, being alone is one of the greatest asset you will ever have. There are phases in life call the

 “Left-Alone Phase”. The  Just “me,myself and I” phase

Don’t get so caught up thinking we always need to make other people happy or we need a confidant to walk with us through every step of our lives. It feels good,  but here is the deal breaker,  if you are busy with everyone else,  how can God use you?  How can you even use yourself. 

      I’m not saying you should be the lonely weirdo that sits on the front porch and watch others walk By for the rest of your life. 

 No no,  

Go, be in love, build a family and be affectionate with the person that you need to marry but i will encourage you to also embrace the healthiness of loneliness because that is when you will be able to help you find you… 

With love

Funbunwhe Dfk


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