Refuse to be a dumping ground for peoples emotionally excesses. Refuse to be with people who are not satisfy with you, people who want to swim around and fish for what’s bigger than you that is out there and if so,  there rather take that and if not, they need something to fall back on…Plan B…  So that will be you. Refuse to be an emergency room.  Don’t let anyone disrespect you or make you feel like an option. 

First of all,  they have no right to compare you to someone else. You are incomparable, you are different,  you are you. Anybody that decides to be with you should have faith and believe also that you are 100% the one. Because without believe he/she creates space for the devil to come in to start running his tricks and manipulating your imaginations to make you believe they is someone else better than you. To an extend that can be seen as LUST. To avoid this, always be the best version of yourself. #RefuseToSettleForLess.Also it is very important to 

It’s important to know that in life, there are 3kinds of people you will meet… 

1). The one who is constantly going to hold       you back. You will know them when            there have you thinking negative about        every situation instead of showing you        ways to grow through it. 

2). The one who is going to keep you in the.       same place. You will know when there.        is no longer mental stimulation. He/she        doesn’t open your mind to new ideas            and makes you feel bad for thinking too      big about yourself and not being                    content with the way things are. 

3). The one who is going to stimulate                   growth in you. You deserve someone            who is going to expand your                            perspective, have you speaking crazy            positives things to the universe and              always telling you that you can do                  better. 

Let me let you in on another secret,  you found a good man when he constantly wants you to be a better woman and vice visa.

With love, 

Funbunwhe Dfk

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