Last week on Relationship Monsters we talk about you  not being a “plan B”. Avoid being dumping ground for peoples emotional excesses.

Today let’s talk about RESPONSIBILITY. If a person you call your man is hesitant to open his wallet to help you when you are struggling, then he doesn’t deserve to be sleeping in your bed and you should be hesitant in opening your legs….

I have always encouraged “No sex before marriage”…. Until he puts a ring on your finger they is no need celebrating boyfriends if the relationship is heading No where. The last thing you want is to be sleeping next to a selfish man who is even comfortable in watching you struggle. Don’t be deceived, if he can’t step up to the plate and be your night in shinning armour now that you are dating what makes you think he will take care of his family (you and the babies) when the time comes. 

   A mans usefulness is measured by his ability to handle responsibilities. Love is a responsibility and most be proven emotionally and physically. Every real man knows that his woman is a direct reflection of himself. So if he doesn’t care about your well being he doesn’t deserve to experience the most intimate part of your flesh. I’m in no way commercializing sex. Sex should be done in the right environment with somebody you love. A man automatically assumes the head of a relationship and he is required to step up and act according. 

A real man make sure you are taken care of because he knows you both are suppose to be in this together. One advise for the guys…. Please love is not blind, fall in love with a girl whose standards you can maintain. Open your eyes.

With love,

Funbunwhe Dfk

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