Funbunwhe DFk

Until you come to a point where your survival is totally dependent on God, your obedience will not be complete. When it comes to matters of the heart, learn to trust God for directions and also lean on biblical principles.

The surest way to happiness is to live life on purpose. Date and marry a person who is displaying the Zoe life.

From Romans 12:2, we understand that God has a perfect plan for our lives. So why stick with your own good plans when you can have a perfect plan.

But understand that God never deals with us beyond our level of revelation. You have to be desirous of what God had said because the secrets of God are hidden  in the Word of God.

At Funbunwhe’s Diary, We help you see through whats good and whats best for you. your imagination is a distinct possibility. why settle for less when you can have more?

With Love,

Funbunwhe DFK.